The Founders Auto Auction Network is here to help you.

Auto Auction Care
We are an exclusive group dedicated to the highest standard in providing Fleets and Banks the venue needed to help convert their vehicle assets to cash.  We get the buyers in front of your vehicles and bidding.  Independent auctions have what it takes to properly serve you.  You will find them accommodating, friendly and professional.

Our auction members can pick up your vehicles, perform condition reports, recondition, stage, and coordinate with you for the sale of your vehicles.  Don’t have time to attend the auction?  No problem, they can even represent your vehicle. You can even watch online from your office. 

Remember, the Auction is the only place you can get more than you are asking for your vehicles.

Why Independent instead of major chain Auctions?

It is simple, Service and Value.  You make up a much larger percentage of an Independent auto auction’s business than a large auction chain’s business.  While a large auto auction chains have rigid policies and regulations in place to make the most cost effective model across there many clients, an independent auto auction can be more flexible.  An independent auto auction can also allocate more resources towards helping out a fleet or bank.  In short, you are more valuable to an independent auto auction than a major chain auction.  This means you are a higher priority and much more likely to get the personalized attention you deserve.   This kind of dedication and attention to detail (as opposed being ran through a corporate grinder) can make all the difference in the world to your bottom line.

Why use a Founders Auto Auction Network member?

We are the very best of the Independent Auction world.  We constantly strive to improve our services, give you the best value to fee ratio in the industry, and satisfy our clients.  We have all the combined knowledge of the major auction chains, but retain the benefits of being independent.  Through our continual collaboration we improve auction operations to better serve our customers.  This benefits you and your Fleet or Bank.  When one of our auctions take care of you, you can expect the very best.

What are you waiting on?

If you have ten vehicles or a thousand, we can help.  Find your closest Founders Auto Auction Network Member and contact them today to see what they can do for you.

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